Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Trip to the Zoo

    After prying Melvin's arms off of his Mother's neck so she could kiss him and say goodbye and then convincing him that we will see Giraffes and after I'll get them ice cream, he was okay with spending the few hours with me (and later on in the day confessing that he was mad at me this morning, but he isn't anymore because he is glad he came). So we were off, just Silas, Melvin and I to the zoo. Melvin had the plan - he ran to every animal and then was ready to move to the next one, it was quite the workout. After the animals we went to the playground and the boys made a friend, which meant I made a friend! Owen his Mother Kristy and also Annie, her 16 month old baby, took a trip around the zoo in the train and also went on the carousel - it was quite fun. 

As I promised, after we saw the Giraffes (along with everything else), we walked over to ZuZu's for some Superman ice cream.
It was an amazing way to spend a Friday morning...

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