Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vintage Look.

           I try to work with creative people as often as I can, it helps with my work and I believe it is so important to keep photography my passion and not just how I get a paycheck. So this last Sunday I got together with Monica, who is an artist in many ways but on this day she helped with hair and makeup -Sarah, who went to school for photography and was a wonderful person to have as a cheerleader of sorts at the shoot - Phoebe, who might have the best closet of clothing ever and who is amazing at dressing people and is one of the buyers for Good Style Vintage Shop found on East Washington Ave - Claire, who is also a stylist and buyer of The Good Style Shot and we can't forget to mention the beautiful (and also very gifted photographer) Lindsey - who was so great to work with and photograph!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Erin and Jason

This photo shoot was so much fun that I just couldn't wait to go through the images (I love my job). So I went through to star the 10 to put on this blog, and I ended up starring 53 images....These two were just so wonderful to capture - so natural, so much love and humor! Their wedding is this coming July, and I get to photograph it, and after today? I really am excited to see these two share vows and get hitched in their fanciest of clothing... Congrats to Erin and Jason, enjoy a sneak peak of your images...

booking for 2013 now!

Carnival Adventures.

      Meet Katie and Maia- you have probably seen them before in my work since they have been my roommates for the last 3 years. Sadly this will be my last summer living with them, since my business has been growing I need a bit more space than I have at this flat. Even though it is sad to leave this home and to not have these two as my roommates, I will only be moving 3 blocks away and will most likely come over for morning coffee a few times a week (hope that is okay!). One of the perks of living with a cute couple as a photographer is I always have subjects, and a perk for living with a photographer is your life will most likely be documented - last night we went to the carnival, and they so kindly allowed me to take their photograph. Enjoy!

<3 audre rae photography

Monday, May 14, 2012

1 Month Old Athen

When I shoot a wedding, the couple will get 15% off photo shoots for life. Meet Athen, the son of Amy and Ben, and couple that got married June 20th or 2010. It was so wonderful driving out to Allenton, Wi - back to the place where they got married, to meet this little guy and catch up with Amy and Ben.

Newborn images are always challenging for me, since newborns are very unpredictable - and on this particular day, Athen wasn't in the mood for company, but I was able to get some nice images of him: