Friday, May 18, 2012

Carnival Adventures.

      Meet Katie and Maia- you have probably seen them before in my work since they have been my roommates for the last 3 years. Sadly this will be my last summer living with them, since my business has been growing I need a bit more space than I have at this flat. Even though it is sad to leave this home and to not have these two as my roommates, I will only be moving 3 blocks away and will most likely come over for morning coffee a few times a week (hope that is okay!). One of the perks of living with a cute couple as a photographer is I always have subjects, and a perk for living with a photographer is your life will most likely be documented - last night we went to the carnival, and they so kindly allowed me to take their photograph. Enjoy!

<3 audre rae photography

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Sarah said...

You two look adorable!