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My 2012 Year.

    I am in the middle of organizing for a new website and I was going through all of my photographs of 2012. I thought I would make a post with most of the photo shoots I had within the year. I am so blessed with this job and I am filled with joy when I go through the work I have done and remember the fun I had working with the people I photographed. Here are some 2012 highlights:

I flew to Montana to document Matt and Megan's wedding - and now they are pregnant with their first child and I am thrilled for them. Full blogpost here

After I went and spent time in Montana, I went up to Oshkosh, Wi to celebrate love with Austin and Rachel - full blogpost here
I worked with a local vintage shop called Good Style, to do some fashion shoots to promote their wonderful selection of clothing blogpost 1 and blogpost 2
Spent some time with all of these lovely children:
Maria and David had a lovely garden wedding on my birthday, full blogpost here ...
Carlos and Kelsey had a beautiful wedding, and a wonderful party full of amazing Chilean dances, full blogpost here
Anna and Mike, High School sweethearts from my school. It was an honor to not only see these two exchange vows, but to document it. full blogpost here
Britni and Chris got married in Milwaukee, a beautiful day starting in the city and ending on the farm where they had the ceremony and an amazing meal followed by quite the party, full blogpost here
Erin and Jason got married during the heated summer in July, it called for rain that day and although we needed the rain, we were lucky it didn't.

Had a little midsummer break and had this talented photographer come and visit for a week. With my boyfriend off in Ghana for 37 days (and yes, I counted down) it was nice to have the company. And as always, when we get together we make time to do a shoot for practice, full blogpost here

Adam and Jess got married at The Gates of Heaven in Madison, Wi. A perfect day and celebrated with wonderful music and amazing cake. Full blogpost here

Another couple that I've known since my High School days, a reunion of folks to catch up with and a happy couple, full blogpost here

I only spent a few hours with Luke and Laura and their 2 adorable children, but it was such a great day and Luke and his brother sure can brew some amazing beer. Full blogpost here
Susannah and Alex. I met Susannah at a clothing swap a few years back, so when this lovely lady contacted me to let me know that she was getting married and wanted me to photograph it, I knew that it was going to be full of beautiful clothing. Full blogpost here
I am such a sucker for the small guest list weddings, Marcie and Bill had just about 20 people invited and it was just a beautiful fall day. We had such a lovely time, and very soon there will be a baby! Full blogpost here
During the busy wedding season, I was able to meet some of the couples for this coming year (2013 weddings) I love engagement session, it gives me a chance to get to the know the couples a bit more.

This first shoot was featured in the blog Northwoods Wedding,  a blog devoted to Midwest weddings, check it out here . Ben and Katie will be getting married in Arizona on the first of June and I get to fly out and document it!
Katie, Trent and I had an amazing time together during out shoot. I honestly cannot wait for their wedding, engagement session blogpost here and one of my favorites...
Ah Tricia and Collin, this first just started to be only an engagement session, but they enjoyed working with me (and I them) and luckily their date (June 22nd) was the last I had in the month of June, I was excited when I found out I was available. full blogpost here
October was the month where I didn't exist to anyone, with all the weddings and my freelance work with ShopBop here and there, I was glued to my camera or to my computer screen editing.

Kelsey and Shaun's wedding was here in Madison, Wi on a beautiful Fall day. Full blogpost here

The day after Kelsey and Shaun's wedding, Myself and Jentri (who if it wasn't for her, I do not know how I would have managed the long drive and two weddings) drove to Brillion, Wi on the rainiest of all days to photograph Crystal and Tyler's wedding. It rained and rained and that kind of rain where it comes from all angles, an umbrella is useless. There was about 1 hour where it did not rain, and luckily it was right when we were taking photographs.
The next image is from a session of a couple who is already married but just wanted to do a photoshoot together, I love that. We don't need a reason to get nice photographs, I love the idea of coming to a couples home and documenting them in their space together, maybe an Anniversary gift gentlemen? full blogpost here
Celebrated A 95th birthday with a Family I have never met. This was by far one of my favorite jobs, with all of my Grandparents gone, it was such a beautiful thing being able to celebrate 95 years of life. I would love to get more work like this - full blogpost here

To end the fall season I had the honor of photographing Gina and Jeff. They had such a well planned wedding, full of hayrides and a cartoonist. Full blogpost here (and maybe some ideas to pin :) )
The last wedding of 2012, and the last shoot of the year as well, Hillary and Jeff's wedding. I mentioned earlier my love for small weddings, and this one was just that - small and perfect. The family all met at a beautiful church in Verona and had a loose and stress free schedule, everyone was a joy to be around and I felt at ease working with all of them, full blogpost here

Thank you to all of you in these images for finding me, enjoying my work and working with me to produce wonderful image of you and your loved ones. I enjoyed meeting you all, and capturing your lives. I feel so blessed with this job, and it people like you who allow me to do my passion in life for a living. Thank you.

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