Thursday, August 30, 2012

Celebrating 95 Years.

 I was emailed a few months back asking if I was able to photograph this beautiful women's 95th birthday party, where family was coming in from all over the country to celebrate, I was thrilled, being in the thick of wedding season it was exciting to me to have a new type of shoot to do. Now walking into a birthday party and not knowing a single person can be a bit intimidating, but not with this family; they were so welcoming and sweet and they didn't make me feel like the stranger that I was to them. It was such a wonderful day to be apart of, enjoy some of the images I got:


Stephanie said...

Oh Audre, these are amazing. I just lost my gramma last week, just about a month shy of her 94th birthday. So viewing these is a particularly poignant experience. What an amazing gift these images are for this family. Cheers to you and your talent for catching the beauty in everyday moments.

Hil Amthauer said...

These are fabulous. My family was so lucky to have you there to capture the day. We love all the photos and you were so wonderful to work with throughout the whole process.