Sunday, March 13, 2011


Katutura is one of the black townships created by Apartheid before Namibia's independence in 1990. Located on the outskirts of the capital of Windhoek Katutura continues to be undeveloped and poverty stricken. Unemployment, crime, illiteracy, and disease are continuing factors.

Each child in this school is fed both breakfast and lunch and also receives vitamins. These children brush their teeth at school as well. This is more than a place for these kids to be educated, Community Hope is a home for these children.

There is a lot of need for not only the people of this community but also for the school. They expand the school for their 7th graders they have now, can continue with education next year. They need support to do so.

There are currently 118 children who attend Community Hope school, and only 30 of them are sponsored. If we can get the other 88 monthly funding that would be a great start. If a monthly commitment is too much for you, any donation will go along way.

here are just a few from my trip:
let's help.

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Philippa said...

Excellent work, Audre. Let's. Help.