Friday, January 8, 2010

Casa Jackson.

on our trip to Guatemala in October, we (katie megan and myself) spent some time at Casa Jackson, a place for malnourished children. Where we fed and loved these children...

Jessica, Never learned to walk and although she couldn't speak, she was a very bossy gal. there was never not a smile on this girls face.

Esvin. 9 years old,  he has a story that brings tears to my eyes. 

beautiful lisa.
                         I spent most of my afternoons with Lisa, 2 years old wouldn't take food. holding her down to feed her as she spit most of it out with her crying. this girl is a gem, the first time i heard her laugh, i cried. I recently got an update about her, she is taking food by herself, and recently was able to go back home with her family.

found in a dumpster, she was brought to Casa Jackson.

Pauola. My buddy the first day, and the next she was healthy enough to go home.

Jose. His mother passed away after he was born.

the most loving child. I never heard a cry from this one.

If you looked through this and feel compelled to help, you can help... please visit Casa Jackson's website at
If you want to donate some money to help with purchasing food for the children that enter Casa Jackson and clothing please go here.
Anything will help.

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