Monday, December 8, 2008

fear begins.

graduating in may.
the fear comes
the questions begin
"where to next?"
do i stay in madison another year?
do i move back to appleton to save money?
do i leave the country because i can, i have nothing holding me here, no one no job no home?
i have my life in a suitcase and i continue to change my mind on where to next.
i fear to stay here another year, i'm growing bored of this town.
i fear to leave the country i fear to leave the comfort of 'home'
i'm not financially ready to move to a bigger city, and i don't think i even want to yet, i don't want to get caught up in that life style yet. not when there are so many more to experience first.

when i close my eyes i see faces i haven't met yet, smiles of children who needs a friend.
i don't see New York anymore. 
my dreams are changing and i'm alright with that.
i want to travel and take photographs of people who have never had their photograph taken. 
what will come of this mind of mine,
where will i be next year this time?
I fear.


amanda_m said...

leave while you can, seriously. you can always return. things don't change while you're away, which i learned myself.

you have seen "born into brothels" right? about a woman who moves to india to take photos of children in brothels. she also teaches the children photography. amazing documentary.

audre rae photography. said...

my absolute favorite documentary, i own it. that documentary was the reason for me to go to school.
i wanted to go do that.

amanda_m said...

then go do it, lady. you've only got one life, ya know?