Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the beginning of something

i decided to start a blog.
i haven't had one since the days of xanga, and i can't seem to remember my password for it, more likely because i was 15 when i owned a xanga.

i work in 20 minutes, the same restaurant i have been working since the first day i moved to this city. I long for change, but i know i would regret leaving my family that i have gained at that place. 
i need change, get out of my comfort zone of being a waitress and get more into photography. its time to gain more independence in my art.

its a new beginning for me, its called real life. no more long school days, i must find work i must find peace i must grow up.
going on 3 years in this town, 4 is the most i will stay.

get out of the comfort of Wisconsin, and go see... 

"if you don't go, you won't see"
I'm sick of looking at the world through a picture book.
it's my turn

1 comment:

Timothy said...

Yes! Audre Rae has a blog!

First rule, though, you can't be so emo.